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Welcome To Design by Lavassa

Creative Interior Designers
In Kanpur

Driven by a creative, dynamic and dedicated approach, Design by Lavassa provides top-class interior design services in Kanpur. We have a deep desire to optimize any project by offering a personalized service, unique and on the lookout for the latest trends.

At Lavassa, we focus on designing spaces that truly represent your personal style, taste, and preferences. Our designs are timeless and unique and add a lot of character to your space. We, as best interior designers in Kanpur, take pride in creating luxurious spaces in budget and providing innovative designing solutions that are loved by our clients.

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Award Winning Interior Design Company

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Creative Interior Designers
In Kanpur
Making Every Space Functional

Interior Design Services We Offer In Kanpur

Your home is a very personal space and we understand this intimacy. Therefore, our designs truly reflect your personal style and our concepts fulfill all your functionality needs.

We create bedrooms that provide the most calming and soothing atmosphere.

Our creative kitchen design ideas ensure that there is no loss of space and looks elegant at the same time.

We design the most beautiful bathrooms that incorporate every little detail according to the needs of our clients.

  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Room
  • Bathroom

Our interior decorators are adept at designing spaces that are highly professional in nature. They possess the scientific knowledge and technical know-how required for designing commercial spaces that exude the perfect work environment. Thus, our designs evoke the brand feel and bring out the brand image of the company to truly represent our client’s vision.

  • Office
  • Showroom
  • Banquet Hall
  • School & Institution

Hospitality industry has evolved greatly over the years and so has the approach to make their customers more welcomed. Designing is therefore crucial to setting the right tone for these kinds of establishments. We cover a wide variety of projects in the hospitality industry, catering to hotels, bars, restaurants, lounges, spas, and much more.

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe, Bistro, Lounge
  • Disc & Pub
Creating Concepts That Stun

Our Innovative Interior Design Work In Kanpur

Design by Lavassa is an interior design firm in Kanpur with a sensitivity to understanding customer needs. Collaboration is at the forefront in order to promote a positive experience throughout the project. We value quality and expertise, and innovation is an integral part of our creative process.

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interior design services in Kanpur

Want Us For Your Interior Design Project In Kanpur?

Let us discuss how our interior design services in Kanpur can help you recreate your space that brings new freshness and uniqueness to your life. We are just a call away. Click the button below and contact us now.

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Concepts That Will Make You Go Wow

Meet Our Skilled

Interior Designers In Kanpur

Using brilliant taste and a touch of luxury we are experts in interior design works, furniture and furnishing and we provide turnkey projects to prime residential, commercial sectors,
palaces and high-profile residences. Our uniqueness is in approaching each project, comprehensive range of interior design services globally for customized design and individual
high-standard interior fit-out make us stand out among others.

Imandeep Lamba
Imandeep Lamba
Founder of Design by Lavassa

A talented and professional Imandeep Lamba is an innovative international interior designer who leads our team of interior designers in Kanpur. At Design By Lavassa, Imandeep with his team offers a complete solution to your entire construction and fit-out process, from concept to completion, from creation to implementation. He has an amazing ability to look into the future of architecture as well as in interior design, to serve our valued customers and clients with all the subtleties associated with the demands, and to create true masterpieces of luxury.

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Rushi Lamba
Interior Designer

As a senior designer, her main goal is creating stylish, elegant and luxurious spaces. Rushi contributes her exemplary creative vision to ensure that every project is innovative, unique and distinctive. Highly qualified expert in luxury furniture, textile, and materials. Her designs are the best reflection of her work and portrays her ability to listen to her client’s needs, understand them and deliver work that is worthy of appreciation. She has an eye for finer details and provides top-notch designing solutions that combine both form and function. Her design philosophy focuses on quality over quantity, incorporating all your needs and desires into her work to transform your space completely into a reflection of your style.

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Amisha Patel
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Read More to Know About Interior Designing

The role of an interior designer is to design and create aesthetic, comfortable and functional interior spaces by playing with volumes, light, furniture, colors, and materials. He must also take into account all the technical and budgetary constraints of his client. The interior designers must be able to arrange a space that reflects the personality of its occupants.
Interior designers sculpt volumes and spaces. They are real development specialists with solid field experience. They optimize various spaces in your home or workplace & redefine the distribution of a home. They create an interior that makes you feel good, and also improve the quality of life of people living in a property. Our team of interior designers in Kanpur are there to support you from the conception to the realization of your project, from the first drawing to the site reception. Most adapt to your needs, however, and can offer various types of services.
In interior design, work is carried out on volume, restructuring, redistribution of rooms, circulation, the fluidity of spaces as well as their consistency with each other. The interior envelope of a home, apartment or business is thus redesigned according to your needs and expectations. The decoration generally comes second in order to be in perfect harmony with the new interior architecture: colors and tint of the walls, wallpapers, choice of lighting, furniture, light atmosphere, etc … The work consists in dressing the new envelope to create the soul of the place in line with your desires, your personality, and your lifestyle.
Key steps that we follow in our interior design service in Kanpur are- 1st step: Evaluation of customer needs. 2nd step: Study and project design. 3rd step: Administrative Requirements. 4th step: Business consultation. 5th step: Monitoring of construction and acceptance of work.
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