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With Modular Kitchens in Kanpur

Hungry for style? We have the solution for your kitchen. Not one, but many, that will leave you spoilt for choice. With our modular kitchens, give character to your kitchen and enjoy a space as beautiful as it is functional. We have one of the largest collections of modular kitchen designs in Kanpur. Our collections have been created by experts to meet all customer expectations, whether in terms of style, in terms of budget, or in terms of service (to assemble oneself or to assemble by professionals for the more cautious of the screwdriver). We invite you to explore our modular kitchen concepts in Kanpur.

Why You Should Select Our Modular Kitchen in Kanpur

These new generation modular kitchens are made up of independent mobile elements to be placed directly on the floor, without any kind of fixing in a wall. So the kitchen is no longer frozen and you can change the location of the modules according to your needs and desires.

Our Modular Kitchen Design Portfolio

Our Skilled Modular Kitchen Designers in Kanpur

Imandeep Lamba
Founder of Design by Lavassa
Rushi Lamba
Interior Designer

What You Will Get In Our Modular Kitchen Design Services in Kanpur

Your kitchen is the best place as well as the heart of your home and a place where your day actually starts. Kitchen is not just an area of your home but a place of your first tea/coffee at sunrise or maybe the last drink at sunset. We offer world-class modular kitchen design services in Kanpur. You should choose us because:

Aesthetic & Functional

We do understand the intricacies of kitchen designing which has to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

All Styles Covered

Modern, traditional, contemporary or high-end luxury kitchen. We offer a solution that completely suits your personality.

Latest Trends Followed

High gloss, matte-finished, solid wood, kitchen with latest technology and hardware equipment, we have it all.

Quality & Affordable

Our planning and execution are always in alignment with your budget hence you get a quality and affordable kitchen.

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Read More to Know About Modular Kitchen

Very often, when choosing a kitchen set, apartment owners have an acute problem with saving space. This does not only apply to rooms with a small area but also in a spacious kitchen, it is important that the hostess has everything she needs at hand during the cooking process. This is, however, not a concern today because of the existence of modular kitchens. They are not a whole, but consist of separate modules, which can already be installed because it is convenient and combined with each other. By putting together a modular kitchen element by element, you can permanently solve the problem of furnishing that room. The area is spent rationally; if there is a desire or need, then any module can be rearranged or removed without any damage to the whole interior. Need a modular kitchen in Kanpur? Do not hesitate to call us.
If we consider only the investment costs, they are comparable to those of a traditional kitchen for the realization of a modular kitchen. But modular kitchen cost and prices in Kanpur vary greatly depending on use and equipment. Call us to know the modular kitchen price and cost in Kanpur.
Modular technical kitchens make it possible to work on the go, under professional conditions. The modular kitchen is very often used in houses, hospitals, schools, retirement homes when renovating their building and more precisely their kitchen. This type of transportable kitchen can meet important mobility needs.
Advantages of modular kitchen are:
(1) Rapidity of construction: delivered as a kit, it is assembled piece by piece;
(2) Low price: 20% less than that of the conventional kitchen;
(3) Optimized energy performance: (efficiency tested in the factory before delivery);
(4) Energy saving : respecting the standards of passive kitchen (low consumption), it is designed in recycled materials;
(5) Durability: built according to drastic quality standards, it is resistant to bad weather and natural disasters.